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Asdonkshof Waste-to-Energy plant, Germany
ISWA WtE State of the Art Report
December 2012: Waste-to-Energy State of the Art Report, 6th Edition, published by ISWA

ISWA (The International Solid Waste Association) has published the 6th edition of its State of the Art Report, which gives an overview of Waste-to-Energy Plants (waste incineration with energy recovery) in 18 European countries and the USA, and includes operational data covering 2011.
Waste to Energy: State of the Art Report, 6th Editionexterner Link

The report was prepared for ISWA by their Working Group on Energy Recovery.
Data on the individual Waste-to-Energy Plants are presented as follows:
1. General Information (location, name, address etc.)
2. Technical Information (number of lines, capacity, furnace/boiler and flue gas treatment systems including suppliers etc.)
3. Operational data (quantities incinerated, residues formed and energy produced and sold).

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