28th April 2021: Safety Campaign in Every Belgian Waste-to-Energy Facility

28th April 2021

The ‘World Day for Safety and Health at Work’, an initiative by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), takes place on 28th April. In a concerted approach, all members of Belgian Waste-to-Energy (BW2E) are taking part, and specifically promoting safety on the tipping floor and in the waste acceptance hall. The aim being to raise even greater awareness of safe practices amongst their own staff as well as those delivering waste. To this end, BW2E is cooperating with Denuo, the Belgian federation of the waste and recycling sector. Some non-BW2E members spontaneously also joined the campaign.

There are 14 treatment facilities in Belgium for the thermal-heat recovery of household and commercial residual waste. Yearly, it concerns the supply of 2.8 million tonnes of waste. On a single day there are around 2,000 truck drivers entering these installations to unload waste. Each of the installations has its own waste delivery method but strict safety regulations apply throughout. However, prevention and safety personnel find that safety is still being compromised too often.

Members of the ‘Safety’ working group from Belgian Waste-to-Energy developed a concrete plan to improve safety in the waste acceptance halls and around the hoppers. They charted any hazardous operations occurring near hoppers, creating an awareness campaign in the process. Central to the approach is personal contact:  a conversation at a safe distance between employees from the Waste-to-Energy sites and the drivers who come to unload waste. This dialogue is flanked by banners, beach flags, flyers and a social media campaign. All installations thermally treating household and commercial residual waste are set to adopt this on 28th April.

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