About us
What CEWEP does

A voice of Waste-to-Energy

CEWEP, Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants, is the umbrella association of the operators of Waste-to-Energy (incineration with energy recovery) plants, representing about 410 plants from 23 countries. They make up more than 80% of the Waste-to-Energy capacity in Europe.

Our members are committed to ensuring high environmental standards, achieving low emissions and maintaining state of the art energy production from remaining waste that cannot be recycled in a sustainable way.

CEWEP focuses on contributing to European environmental and energy legislation that can affect Waste-to-Energy Plants through:

  • Close and permanent contact with the European Institutions
  • Careful analysis and proactive contributions to EU environment and energy policy
  • Participation in on-going studies (UNEP, OECD and EU)
  • Undertaking our own studies, e.g. based on Life Cycle Thinking, composition and recycling of bottom ash etc.

CEWEP organises plant visits, congresses, workshops and debates, often in the European Parliament, in order to inform decision makers and the public about Waste-to-Energy.

Promote public participation

CEWEP provides the public with information on emission levels, energy efficiency, on the technology of Waste-to-Energy incineration and the plants’ contribution to climate protection in order to raise citizens’ awareness of the role Waste-to-Energy plays in sustainable resource management.

Promote exchange of experience, research and development

CEWEP serves as a platform for the exchange of experience between members, advances scientific, technical and practical aspects of Waste-to-Energy and promotes research, development and dissemination of knowledge towards sustainable waste management and energy recovery through incineration. On research and scientific issues CEWEP is advised by a Scientific and Technical Council, comprised of eminent professors and CEWEP senior scientists.