CEWEP Congress

9th CEWEP Congress: 20-21st September 2018, Bilbao

Making Circular Economy Happen

In September 2018 CEWEP held its Congress titled Waste-to-Energy: Making Circular Economy Happen.

The participants of the Congress discussed how to walk the talk when it comes to the Circular Economy Package, how to apply the theoretical targets and assumptions that have lead the Circular Economy Package talks for the last  years to the complex reality. The role of Waste-to-Energy, as an obvious link between the European waste and energy policies was also addressed.

The Congress was attended by the European industry, decision-makers and academia who have gathered in the surroundings of the famous Guggenheim museum in Bilbao to discuss the latest Waste-to-Energy policy and technology developments.

The participants also took the opportunity to visit the Zabalgarbi Waste-to-Energy plant which, thanks to its innovative design, achieves very high energy efficiency levels.

The topics discussed in CEWEP Congress 2018:

  • Circular Economy Implementation: Will we reach the waste targets?
  • WtE and renewable energy
  • Innovations in WtE sector: carbon capture and usage
  • BREF Waste Incineration Review
  • Metal recovery from Bottom Ash
  • Public perception of WtE

Congress photos:


A more detailed summary of the Congress will follow soon. 

CEWEP has offset the GHG Emissions generated by this event through 145 GREEN CER from Horcones biomass plant project in Chile.Certificate




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