New Heat Network in Flanders

ECLUSE steam network in Waasland Port, Flanders, will save 100.000 tons of CO2 annually.

The first pipe of the industrial stream network Ecluse has been laid in Waasland Port, Flanders. From 2018 onwards it will transport steam from the Waste-to-Energy installations of waste processing company Indaver and its joint-venture SLECO to six local customers. The steam will travel through a five-kilometer network of pipes, most of them underground. As a result, the six customers will no longer have to use their own in-house gas boilers. The incineration installations will produce steam with a maximum capacity of around 250MW every year.

Thanks to the direct re-use of this steam, it will produce an annual reduction in CO2 of 100,000 tons, comparable to the annual CO2 savings from 50 2.3MW wind turbines. In addition, the network has been designed so that it can grow over time, and cater for a CO2 reduction equivalent to the installation of 100 wind turbines.