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CEWEP Communication Award 2018 nominee: GML, Germany – Strategic Communication

GML is a 100% municipal Waste-to-Energy-company, which ensures waste treatment in high environmental quality with 100% waste treatment security at a good price for all its shareholders*. Nevertheless, it is far from enough to limit yourself to the technically optimal operation of a waste-to-energy plant: Do a good job!, because people (customers and residents) also need to know about it: So the plant operator need to talk about it! In addition to the technically correct plant operation, a waste-to-energy plant operator must communicate transparently, proactively and continuously with the population.

The GML communication concept is based on the three sustainability categories: economic benefits, environmental benefits and social benefits. Such an aligned strategic corporate communication is a valuable contribution to the operation of GML, as it is to any plant operator.

In practice, this communication strategy is consistently implemented by GML as follows:

    regular proactive press releases, ongoing media contacts, focus on the benefits of waste to energy: safe waste treatment, energy production, recovering secondary raw materials, pollutant destruction / discharge, high quality photos, modern corporate design, open-door days at GML;
    2014-2017: optical design change of facades (waste bunker and boiler house), the design of the waste bunker was twice awarded the German Facade Award in 2014 and 2015, conversion of the chimney lighting to modern and energy-efficient LED lighting with different color gradients depending on the season, construction of a new administration building (sustainability certification in preparation), installation of photovoltaic systems for environmentally friendly power generation at the GML-administration and a at GML biowaste transfer facility;
    for 18 years, environmental education for children and teenagers in the open-air classroom with 150 classes per year, nearly 50 guided tours for students and adults in the GML Waste-to-Energy-plant, including a special night tour, further expansion of this services in 2018/2019 through the new Information Center for waste treatment “THE FOUR ELEMENTS”;
    development of the theme Art And Waste in cooperation with various regional art institutions: art workshops for children and adolescents about waste reusing and recycling, video installation for waste prevention, the decommissioned, listed indoor swimming pool Nord becomes the extinguishing water reservoir of the GML Waste-to-Energy-plant – and the venue for art / culture;
    partner in the Children’s Future diploma, falcon aerie at GML and further development of bird protection-actions, photo exhibition and presentation of the Clean River Project against waste in waters, support of the initiative UNESCO multiple vision show about our handling of the earth’s resources, tree planting;

* cities Ludwigshafen, Worms, Speyer, Frankenthal, Neustadt and Mannheim, districts Bad Dürkheim, Alzey-Worms and Rhein-Pfalz-Kreis and ZAK – Central Waste Management Kaiserslautern.

More about GML (in German)

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The Award winners will be decided by popular vote during 9th CEWEP Congress in Bilbao on 20th September 2018.