Guidance on classification of incinerator bottom ash (IBA)

This document gives a practical guidance how to use the CEWEP bottom ash dossier (“Revised classification of MSWI bottom ash”) in the actual classification process with local authorities.

The document is divided into

  • Part 1 – an executive summary of the “Revised classification of MSWI bottom ash” that contains all details and explanations that form the scientific basis for the guidance document;
  • Part 2 – a guidance for producers or holders of MSWI bottom ash for classification of individual MSWI bottom ash samples.
    This part refers to the corresponding normative documents on sampling, measurements of the elemental content and leaching, and presents the evaluation steps that can be performed by producers or holders of MSWI bottom ash for its hazard classification. The evaluation steps are envisaged as a decision tree that aims to guide to the conclusion on hazard classification of an individual MSWI bottom ash.

The guidance can be downloaded here.