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CEWEP Communication Award 2018 nominee: ISVAG, Belgium – “Smart Together”, a film to present new WtE plant project in Antwerp

ISVAG is an inter-municipal partnership treating the residual household waste of more than 1 million citizens in the wider Antwerp region, in Flanders, Belgium. What once began as an incinerator to reduce the problem of waste disposal & landfill has now become a valuable waste management site: ISVAG produces electricity for more than 25.000 households.

Yet ISVAG is planning to build a new, state-of-the-art Waste-to-Energy plant by 2023, both aiming for the lowest emissions and the highest energy efficiency. ISVAG will be turning waste into electricity for more than 35,000 households or into hot water that will be sent to a nearby heating network for more than 40,000 households and companies.

ISVAG aims to play an important role in the integrated waste management in Flanders. The Flanders region has an excellent reputation when it comes to sorting household and similar waste at source yet the remaining waste, that cannot be recycled in a technically or economically viable way, should be used to generate energy. In doing so, ISVAG is contributing to climate protection and security of energy supply, by replacing fossil fuels that would have been used to produce this energy in conventional power plants.

Communicating the benefits that Waste-to-Energy brings to the environment and society is crucial in creating support and achieving public awareness among the wider audience, both in Antwerp, Flanders, and internationally.

Hence why ISVAG – among other means of communication – has created a corporate image movie both in Dutch and in English, ‘Samen slim’ (Dutch) and ‘Smart together’ (English), underlining that sustainable waste management is our common responsibility in achieving a climate-neutral metropole by 2050: the ISVAG movie is being actively shown to the wider Antwerp population and to a broad range of stakeholders, both nationally and internationally.

Other nominees for CEWEP Communication Award:

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The Award winners will be decided by popular vote during 9th CEWEP Congress in Bilbao on 20th September 2018.