About us
What CEWEP does

Services to members

We keep our members up-to date about all relevant legislative developments, studies etc.

Members actively influence CEWEP’s statements that are presented to European decision makers.

Additionally they receive regular e-bulletins and a detailed (quarterly) EU-Report on all relevant environmental and energy issues.

In the Working Groups members exchange valuable experience and provide the CEWEP Presidency and General Assembly with recommendations.

The following Working Groups are active:

  • Energy and Climate
  • Residues
  • Communication
  • Emission Control
  • As well as ad hoc Working Groups based on specific needs, such as Life Cycle Studies.

How to become a CEWEP member

Members of CEWEP are either associations or individual Waste-to-Energy Plants.

The plants represented by CEWEP are operated both by municipalities and private companies.

Membership of CEWEP is dependent upon achieving high environmental standards.

If you would like further information, please contact us: info@cewep.eu