CEWEP’s Ella Stengler on why Europe landfills 100 Mt/y, EU Policy and Women in Waste

13th March 2023

Every fortnight the Burning Issue looks at different elements of the energy recovery sector, taking the starting point that while energy recovery has moved some waste out of landfill, where does the sector go from here? In this second episode of series two, the Burning Issue speaks to Dr Ella Stengler, the managing director of the Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants (CEWEP). The trade body is the umbrella association of the operators of energy-from-waste plants, representing about 410 plants from 23 countries. In total, these plants make up more than 80% of Europe’s overall energy recovery capacity. The episode focuses on: Why development of the EU’s Taxonomy and ETS revisions are of concern to EfW plant owners The EU landfill directive’s implementation “is very poor in many regions” and needs more ambition from policymakers NGOs opposed to CCUS are like NIMBYs against EfW plants Why high power prices make EfW-to-hydrogen production less attractive And what is was like starting out and being the only woman in high-level meetings.

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