Future events

On 27th May 2021, CEWEP and ESWET held Green Week Webinar: Hydrogen Innovation for Waste-to-Wheels Solution

Hydrogen is expected to become one of the drivers of the EU’s Green Recovery in the next years. Fuel cells offer a range of potential applications including in hard-to-decarbonise sectors such as road transport.

Waste-to-Energy plants, that recover energy from non-recyclable waste are at the frontline of these innovative developments working on projects aiming to produce hydrogen that is used in heavy urban transport, like city buses and waste collection vehicles. The event will discuss the surprising synergies brought about by these waste-to-wheels solutions and possibilities for future sector coupling.

Agenda, 27th May 2021, 11.00-12.30:

Opening remarks by Dr Ella Stengler, Managing Director of CEWEP.

Introduction from Jens Geier, MEP, Rapporteur of the European Parliament’s Report on the European Strategy for Hydrogen

Presentation by a Pietro Caloprisco, Project Officer at Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking on Hydrogen Development in Waste-to-Wheels Solutions

Presentation from Andreas Meyer, Head of Bus Technology at WSW Mobil on Wuppertal Waste-to-Wheels project

Followed by a Panel discussion, moderated by Fabio Poretti, Technical & Scientific Officer, CEWEP.