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First Tonnes of CO2 Captured from Residual Waste Supplied to Greenhouse Horticulture

8th October 2019

The Waste-to-Energy company AVR has started the capture and supply of the first tons of CO2 to greenhouse horticulturists. Re-used CO2 contributes to a reduced use of natural gas and therefore to a more sustainable greenhouse horticulture. AVR is the first European Waste-to-Energy company capable of large-scale CO2 capture and delivery.

The CO2 installation at the AVR plant in Duiven was completed in a little over a year with a strong support from technical engineering firm TPI. The first 7.500 tons of CO2 have now been captured and supplied to various buyers in the greenhouse horticulture sector via business partner Air Liquide. This sector uses CO2 for the cultivation of flowers, vegetables and plants. The CO2 generated during the processing of residual waste is subsequently reused as raw material in other sectors. The capture installation boasts an impressive total capacity of 100,000 tons per year.