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First Buses Powered by Hydrogen from Waste-to-Energy are now on the Streets of Wuppertal

1st July 2020

Wuppertal Stadtwerke has put ten new fuel cell-powered buses on the road. The emission-free vehicles use hydrogen gas produced locally, using electrolysers powered by the AWG Waste-to-Energy plant in Wuppertal. The hydrogen filling station is located near the plant. This development is an important first step towards diesel-free public transportation and electromobility and improving air quality.

This is not the first time AWG has aimed for better air quality and greater energy efficiency. In 2018, the district heating network in Wuppertal was connected to the WtE plant. At the same time, a coal-fired power plant in the Wuppertal valley was shut down. The combined effect was a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions and other pollutants.


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