CEWEP Announces Carsten Spohn Award

6th November 2023

Young postgraduates, talented students from European universities and young professionals in the European waste management sector from now on will be recognised by CEWEP’s Carsten Spohn Award.

The Award will consider their excellence and relevant research[1] applicable in practice in the area of waste management, particularly Waste-to-Energy (WtE) – incineration with energy recovery.

The winners of the Award will be offered a two-week traineeship in one of the participating European WtE plants. They will be able to list their preferences from a list of available placements. The abstracts of the winning works will be published on CEWEP’s website, and the winners will also be invited to join the next CEWEP Congress free of charge.

The Jury of this Award consists of academia members and the volunteering WtE plants.

Carsten Spohn was Deputy President of CEWEP and the Managing Director of CEWEP German member ITAD (Interessengemeinschaft der Thermischen Abfallbehandlungsanlagen in Deutschland). He was very passionate and dedicated to WtE and his unexpected passing a year ago was a great loss to the European WtE community.

Carsten, father of 3 children, was also committed to support young people, hence, to commemorate him CEWEP has created the Carsten Spohn Award for young talents.


More information on application procedure is available on here.

[1] The work should be undertaken in the framework of Bachelor, Master, PhD research or as a relevant publication.