CEWEP Congress

CEWEP Awards 2023: Meet the Winners!

The Second CEWEP Award winners were decided by popular vote during the 10th CEWEP Congress in Berlin.

Congratulation to the winner projects!

Communication Award Winner:

ISVAG, Belgium – Popular cartoon character Jommeke and ISVAG join forces

As early as 1972, we could read in one of the Jommeke albums that he fights for a waste-free world. In this album the Plastic Whale appeared for the first time. It was a special submarine, an invention of Professor Gobelijn, Jommeke’s friend. In 2020, album number 300, ‘De Plastic-hunters’, was published, in which the comic book hero, together with Professor Gobelijn, develops a new version of the submarine that converts plastic waste into energy. A collaboration with ISVAG, the waste processor that converts non-recyclable residual waste into energy, was a logical next step

Technological Innovation Award Winner:

EEW Hanover, Germany – Resource conservation in the chemical crisis: wastewater substitutes ammonia in flue gas purification

All pollutants in sewage sludge are to be destroyed by thermal sewage sludge utilisation. However, sewage sludge consists of about 75 % water and is more of a fire extinguishing agent than a fuel. However, if it is dried to slightly more than 40 % dry matter content, it burns by itself in the Fluidised-bed oven. What remains is a phosphate-containing ash and condensation water – so-called exhaust vapour. Until now, this had to be disposed. At the same time, it contains high levels of nitrogen and, in particular, ammonium compounds, which are essential for the denitrification process in flue gas cleaning (SNCR process)

Integration Award Winner:

Krakow, Poland – Community Integration

The city of Krakow implements a number of investment activities and modernisation projects for the inhabitants of the district around the Krakow Waste-To-Energy plant. So far, the total costs of completed tasks amounted to EUR 118 million for activities that included reconstruction of urban roads and communication routes, creating new bicycle paths, other infrastructure renovation and construction projects, construction of sports fields and playgrounds, indoor swimming pool, recreation places

CEWEP Award 2023 Candidates