CEWEP holds Presidency Election, Gains New Member and Sets Next Congress Date

25th October 2023

Yesterday CEWEP’s General Assembly re-elected Paul De Bruycker, the CEO of Indaver as CEWEP’s President. Mr De Bruycker has been the President of CEWEP since 2017.

Two Deputy Presidents were also re-elected – Jacob Simonsen of the Danish Waste Association and Michiel Timmerije from the Dutch Waste Management Association and three new Deputy Presidents were elected: Lionel Kosior from SVDU, France, Luca Mariotto of Utilitalia, Italy and Dr Bastian Wens from ITAD Germany. CEWEP’s President and Deputy Presidents are elected every two years.

CEWEP’s General Assembly has also confirmed the acceptance of a new member – Elixir Group from Serbia. Elixir Group is currently constructing a new Waste-to-Energy plant in Serbia that will have the waste treatment capacity of 100,000 tonnes per year.

Finally, the next CEWEP Congress date was set. It will be held on 5th – 6th June 2025 in Gdansk.

“Throughout more than two decades CEWEP has been the rock of the European Waste-to-Energy sector, always providing solid facts to the stakeholders and offering high-quality services to its members. We are ready to continue the good work while at the same time innovating and improving. A big welcome to the new CEWEP member and congratulations to the newly formed CEWEP Presidency”, said Paul De Bruycker.

CEWEP (Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants), the umbrella association of the operators of Waste-to-Energy plants across Europe, was founded in 2002. CEWEP’s members are committed to ensuring high environmental standards, achieving low emissions and maintaining state of the art energy production from remaining waste that cannot be recycled in a sustainable way. Today with members from 24 countries CEWEP represents about 80% of the Waste-to-Energy market in Europe.

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