Circular Economy

Joint action on waste legislation

In May 2017, CEWEP worked with other stakeholders to deliver common statements on key issues still in discussion under the Circular Economy package. This co-operation led to the following three documents.

Joint recommendation on monitoring of commercial and industrial waste

Co-signed with EEB (European Environmental Bureau), EURIC (European Recycling Industry Confederation) and Municipal Waste Europe, this document calls for the inclusion of an amendment to the Waste Framework Directive and Landfill Directive. This amendment would require the measurement and monitoring of waste from commercial and industrial sources, in order to ensure that all waste types generated in a Member State are known and treated in accordance with the requirements of European legislation on waste.

Joint statement on the calculation of recycling targets

In this statement co-signed with various recycling organisations and other stakeholders, CEWEP opposes the inclusion of activities in the provisions to measure recycling targets which either have nothing to do with recycling or result in the production of low quality waste materials. This inclusion, if endorsed, would enable to count as recycled waste materials which are not recycled and hence artificially increase recycling rates.

Joint stakeholder response to landfill diversion delay

In this document, CEWEP and various relevant stakeholders reject the proposal to give Member States another 10 years to reduce landfilling to 10% of their total municipal waste generation in 2013. This would delay the application of the target to 2040, and would impair landfill diversion efforts.