Busy bees at Krakow Waste-to-Energy Plant

12th October 2023

Even at this time of the year bees are still busy next to Krakow Waste-to-Energy plant! 🐝

Beehives, first installed in 2017 as part of an Apiary Krakow project, are the first in Krakow located on the premises of an industrial plant.

And these bees have a good life: there is already a pond in the green area around the plant, inhabited by fish and amphibians, and its close proximity to the apiary provides the bees with plenty of water they need. The proximity of the Mogila meadows provides them with constant access to a variety of plants, including melliferous ones 🌻.

Bees are a marker of the cleanliness of the environment. Where these insects live and thrive, the environment is also friendly to humans.

The urban beehives also provide educational opportunities: ecological and nature education is important not only for children and teenagers, but also for adults, because knowledge about bees is still very limited. Visitors of all ages can observe the bees through the windows located along the facility’s visitors path.

For those of us who do not have the chance to visit the Krakow Waste-to-Energy plant just now, luckily the bees can be observed on livestream.