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Workshop on Implementation of BAT Conclusions for Waste Incineration: Videos and Presentations

Under the framework of the Industrial Emissions Directive, the Waste Incineration (WI) BAT Conclusions will be adopted by the end of summer 2019 – together with the more comprehensive Waste Incineration BREF. WI BAT Conclusions will become the basis to reassess all the environmental permits of waste incineration plants in Europe. In fact, the new requirements will have to be implemented in permits of all European plants by summer 2023.

In order to kick-off the exchange on implementation of WI BAT Conclusions CEWEP (together with ESWET and FEAD) organised a workshop on 4th June 2019.

Videos of the workshop and presentations are available below:

4th June 2019: CEWEP-ESWET-FEAD Workshop on Implementation of BAT Conclusions for Waste Incineration:

• Welcome and programme of the day (Ella Stengler, CEWEP) – presentation, video
• Legal framework and background (Alexis Thuau, ESWET) – presentation, video
• WI BREF and BAT conclusions: review, content and what is unsaid (Lorenzo Ceccherini, CEWEP) – presentation, video
• the NOC/OTNOC issue (Hubert de Chefdebien, CEWEP, ESWET, FEAD) – presentation, video
• Bottom ash and water emissions (Ralf Koralewska, ESWET) – presentation, video
• Calculation of energy efficiency (Lorenzo Ceccherini, CEWEP) – presentation, video
• Measurement uncertainty (Lighea Speziale, CEWEP) – presentation, video
• Presentation of the draft guidance document on WI BREF (Hubert de Chefdebien, CEWEP-ESWET-FEAD) – presentation, video
• Expectations (Lighea Speziale, CEWEP) – presentation, video

The CEWEP-ESWET-FEAD explanatory and guidance document on WI BREF will be available soon on our website.

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