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Press Release: Waste-to-Energy in the EU ETS only after Commission’s Prior Assessment

20th December 2022

“It is reasonable that the EU legislators agreed that before including municipal waste incineration in the EU ETS, this possibility has to be assessed by the European Commission” CEWEP’s Managing Director Ella Stengler said after the European Parliament and the Council agreed on the EU ETS revision in the early morning of 18th December 2022.

CEWEP trusts that the Commission will carefully consider all relevant aspects, including the existing taxation levels imposed on waste incineration in many Member States, the consequences and additional costs for citizens, businesses and activities upstream in the waste hierarchy, as well as consumer behaviour and producer responsibility.

CEWEP always emphasised that the inclusion of Waste-to-Energy incineration needs to be evaluated holistically, looking at the European waste management sector as a whole. Currently the waste sector falls under the Effort Sharing Regulation (ESR). Moving just one waste management option – as waste incineration – from the ESR to the ETS would have huge impacts on the entire waste management chain.

For more information please contact ella.stengler@cewep.eu.