Energy and Climate

CEWEP signs Joint Letter calling for the recognition of Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) as strategic net zero technologies in the EU Net Zero Industry Act

17th April 2023

“CCUS has incredible potential in our race to reach climate neutrality. And without CCS and CCU, it will be practically impossible to limit global warming to the 1.5°C objective”. Commissioner Kadri Simson during the EU CCUS Forum in Oct. 2022

The co-signatories of this letter call on the co-legislators to fully leverage the potential of CCU technologies in the Net Zero Industry Act. CCU technologies represent an array of solutions critical for the achievement of the EU climate and energy ambitions. They will notably support the realisation of EU hydrogen goals and represent a crucial outlet for CO2 captured from all sources. Products and fuels from CCU technologies will displace fossil resources and lower EU GHG emissions.

As such, CCU technologies should be considered – along with CCS – in the list of strategic net-zero technologies contributing to the European Net Zero goals. It will allow CCU projects to benefit from the priority status towards national authorities to fully unleash their potential for emission reductions and carbon circularity while maintaining and enhancing the skilled technical workforce in Europe.

Full Joint Letter