Energy and Climate

Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) should be recognised as a strategic net zero technology in the EU Net Zero Industry Act, calls joint letter

11th October 2023

CCU technologies will enable the supply of renewable fuels and other alternative sources of energy, as well as commercial products such as plastics, concrete, and reactants for chemical synthesis.
CCU is of strategic importance to reach net zero objectives, and should be recognised as such also in the NZIA, considering that its relevance has been acknowledged by recent legislations and by EU funding mechanisms – in the EU Innovation Fund’s third call for large-scale projects from July 2023, out of 41 projects selected, at least 10 projects were about CCU. These technologies represent an array of solutions critical for the achievement of the EU climate and energy ambitions, and will support both the realisation of EU hydrogen goals and a crucial element of the CO2 value chain, as well as creating products that will displace fossil resources.
Allowing CCU projects to benefit from the priority status of a strategic net zero technology will help:
– Unleashing their potential for emission reductions and carbon circularity while maintaining and enhancing the skilled technical workforce in Europe.
– Ensuring the necessary predictability that these technologies need to be deployed by sending a clear signal and help provide investment certainty.
– Aligning the Net Zero Industry Act with the technological priorities in the recent Fit for 55 legislations.

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