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Hafslund Oslo Celsio, Norway –  Carbon Capture and Storage project

As part of Longship, the Norwegian full-scale carbon capture, transport and storage project, Hafslund Oslo Celsio started in 2022 the construction of the world’s first full-scale CCS facility on waste-to-energy. The plant will be a state-of-the-art facility providing carbon negative end-treatment of residual waste, and a blueprint for European cities aiming to reduce emissions and solve their waste problems, while producing local heat and electricity for its citizens.


When operational in 2026, the plant will capture up to 400 000 tonnes of CO₂ every year, cutting Oslo’s emissions with 17%. After the capture process, Celsio will further demonstrate emission-free transport of liquid CO2 using electrical tank trucks from the plant to port, where the CO2 will be shipped out for permanent geological storage.

The Celsio CCS project has been developed since 2015, going through the different project stages from concept to FEED, as well as pilot testing on the real flue gas. Through several pilot campaigns, Celsio has proven that the Shell Cansolv amine technology is well-suited for  waste-to-energy, demonstrating a capture rate of +90%, without any harmful emissions.


Since the start of the project, knowledge sharing, and advocacy have been at the centre of Celsio’s CCS strategy. Through proactive participation in research projects and discussions with industry associations, NGOs and authorities, Celsio has contributed to raising the awareness of CCS and WtE and its role in the circular economy. Taking the technology from a niche to a mainstream solution for Europe, with its almost 500 WtE plants, and beyond.


Other nominees for the 2nd CEWEP Technological Innovation Award:

EEW Hanover, Germany – Resource conservation in the chemical crisis: wastewater substitutes ammonia in flue gas purification

Krakow, Poland – a centralised plant control and management system


The Award winners will be decided by popular vote during 10th CEWEP Congress in Berlin on 15th June 2023.