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Krakow, Poland – a centralised plant control and management system

The Waste Thermal Treatment Plant in Krakow is the largest and most modern plant in Poland – with total capacity of 245 000 Mg/year. It always strives to make its work as efficient as possible. One of the actions to improve work in the plant was created an integrated management system linking the various components of the production process, energy generation and maintenance in order to achieve an industrial symbiosis of the entire complex and to better control the plant’s management. A centralised control and management system has been implemented at the plant.


Thanks to it the goal to having full operational knowledge of the plant’s performance has been achieved. The main data that can be monitored by the system:

  • The structure of the Plant (Distribution of products / objects in trees. Quick access to data)
  • Access to information
  • Financial controlling
  • Production data (integration of data from energy sources and receivers/energy consumed by the plant and generated. Market prices, current data analysis.
  • Inspections and reviews
  • Inspection rounds (customizable paths, questions, measurements and tasks (photo, badge reading etc.) Based on the identification of rooms, devices or the exact location (point)
  • Service requests
  • Inventory of objects
  • Warehouses/ Equipment
  • Safety procedures

With this system which was specially created for plant purposes, the processes and activities taking place in the plant are under constant control and it makes the operation of the plant considerably easier and more efficient. We constantly customising the system to the current needs of the Plant.


Other nominees for the 2nd CEWEP Technological Innovation Award:

EEW Hanover, Germany – Resource conservation in the chemical crisis: wastewater substitutes ammonia in flue gas purification

Hafslund Oslo Celsio, Norway –  Carbon Capture and Storage project


The Award winners will be decided by popular vote during 10th CEWEP Congress in Berlin on 15th June 2023.