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Belgian Waste-to-Energy, Belgium – ‘World Day for Safety and Health at Work’ Safety Campaign

Since 2021, Belgian Waste-to-Energy has been participating in the ‘World Day for Safety and Health at Work’ on April 28th with a safety campaign in all 14 of its waste incineration facilities. These installations treat 2.8 million tonnes of waste per year. On a single day there are around 2,000 truck drivers entering these installations to unload their waste.

The aim of this campaign is to prevent industrial accidents in tipping halls by raising awareness of safe practices among the drivers delivering waste. Each facility has its own waste delivery method, but safety regulations apply throughout. However, safety personnel still find that safety is often compromised.

The dual focus in 2022 was on wearing appropriate personal protective equipment and the risk of falling. In the weeks leading up to the event, waste collectors and hauliers were sent a letter and a PowerPoint presentation as a safety toolbox. At the core of the social media campaign was a testimonial video based on real events that recounted how a truck driver fell into the bunker after parking his vehicle too close to the bunker’s edge. On April 28th, beach flags, high visibility vests, and fun flyers with cartoons indicating ‘good’ and ‘bad’ behaviour were offered to drivers who engaged in a short conversation with staff members about safety. Additionally, gadgets were offered to drivers who demonstrated correct safe behaviour.

This action is perceived very positively both for the drivers delivering waste and those on the tipping floor. Most drivers understand the importance of safe behaviour and find it useful to be reminded of this regularly.


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The Award winners will be decided by popular vote during 10th CEWEP Congress in Berlin on 15th June 2023.