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Latest Eurostat Figures: Municipal Waste Treatment 2018

29 January 2020

Each year after publication of the Eurostat figures for Municipal Waste Treatment, CEWEP produces many graphs based on this data in order to show the state of waste treatment in Europe.

This particular graph shows the share of recycling (including composting), Waste-to-Energy and landfilling of municipal waste in each EU Member State (plus Iceland, Norway and Switzerland), sorted by share of landfilling. It also displays the missing data, which includes the gaps between the waste generated in the country and the waste treated.

In 2018 the leading country for recycling was Germany, with 67% of municipal waste either recycled or composted. While 8 Member States landfilled less than 10 % of their waste – which is the target set by the new Landfill Directive for 2035 – 10 Member States still landfilled more than 50 % of their municipal waste.

Please note that data is missing for 4 countries. Eurostat data is updated very regularly so please check the date of the last update of our graph. 

The graph can be downloaded here or by clicking on the picture below. Last update: 14th August 2020

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